5 Details Clients Should Know Before Hiring Escort Services

Several years ago, the Canadian Government passed new laws that changed the way escorts can advertise and sell their services. Due to these changes, many people are now confused about what is legal and illegal. Here are the details that people want answered before hiring escort services.

1. Hiring an Escort is Legal

Hiring escorts is legal. The new laws do not change the fact that it is legal to pay someone for their time. However, an escort is not a prostitute. According to the new laws, it is illegal to purchase sex.

While people cannot offer to pay for sex, escorts and prostitutes can offer sex for money. The legality of the exchange depends on who propositioned who.

The bottom line is that hiring an escort is completely legal and a safe way for individuals to hire a companion for an evening.

2. Escorts Often Charge Hourly Rates

People are also curious about the prices for hiring an escort. An escort service typically charges an hourly rate. These rates vary between $100 and $500 per hour. There even high-end escort services that charge $2000 to $3000 per hour.

The rates also depend on whether the client has any special requests. When an escort service needs to accommodate the fantasy of a client, the client often ends up paying a premium price. You may find more information at Toronto Passions if you need additional resources.

3. Only Licensed Agencies Can Advertise

Due to the changes to the laws, escort agencies can no longer advertise their services online unless they are a licensed provider. The escort industry is now regulated by the government.

If a person discovers a listing for an escort and cannot find their licensing information online, they may not be licensed.

These law changes are designed to protect everyone. With licensed escort services, clients know that the service has run background checks on the women. Licensing also protects the women by reducing the opportunity for exploitation and violence.

4. Escorts Are Available on Short Notice

Many people assume that you need to schedule an appointment with an escort. While many escort services require clients to call to arrange a meeting, many services can accommodate short notices.

Instead of calling a week in advance, clients may set up a date within an hour or two. However, if the client is a regular, their usual woman may not be available for these last-minute arrangements.

5. Clients Should Discuss Everything in Advance

It is important for clients to understand what they are paying for before agreeing to these services. Everyone needs to be on the same page, which includes a detailed overview of what the client expects.

The escort needs to know where the meeting will occur, how long it may last, how many people are involved, and many other details. The client should also ask any questions about the services, such as what is included and what is not included.

In the end, hiring an escort is not illegal. The new laws were created to help reduce sex exploitation related to prostitution and fight human trafficking. Escort services remain legal. However, the agencies now need to get licensed.

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