5 Things to Remember When You’re Interested in Adult Massages

Adult massage parlours are found in nearly every city and nearly every country in the world. If you’re interested in visiting one and this is your first time, there is no need to be nervous.

These places are a little more professional than you might think and they are there to provide certain services that you likely already want. There are, however, certain things that most women who work at these places want their customers to know so before you receive that first sensual massage, keep in mind the following five tips.

1. Come Into the Massage Parlour Clean

This may sound as if should be a suggestion that everyone already knows about but massage therapists hate when you come into the facility smelling as if you haven’t had a shower in days. Before you come in for your erotic massage Toronto appointment, take a shower or bath and don’t show up dirty. True, the girls there are paid to take good care of you but none of them like to work on a dirty body and they will treat you much better if you are clean and smell good.

2. Make Sure That You Have Cash

It isn’t that these massage therapists don’t accept debit or credit cards but the entire transaction is much easier if you simply use cash. The visit is more discreet and easier to hide; plus, your massage therapist will appreciate the cash tip. On your way to the appointment, stop at the ATM and take out enough cash to take care of the service so that you don’t have to fumble around looking for a credit card later on.

3. Do Your Due Diligence First

Especially if you’ve never before been to a parlour that offers a great sensual massage, it is important to research the facility first. Reviews can be found nearly everywhere on the Internet and it is better than asking people you know, who may get the wrong idea and be turned off by you asking in the first place. There are plenty of places with real, honest reviews online and you should utilize these sites before visiting the parlour for the first time.

4. Only Ask the Therapist About Specific Services

If you want specific services performed once you’re alone with your therapist, don’t ask about those services over the phone or when you get to the front desk. Each therapist is going to offer different services so the best thing to do is ask the therapist herself once you get in the room with her. Only she will be able to provide the specific information that you are looking for.

5. Relax!

When you’re getting the perfect sensual massage, it is natural to be a little nervous. However, much the same as you, your therapist will also be a little nervous. Remember that this is a professional atmosphere even though it isn’t exactly the same as getting your hair done or going to the dentist. Your therapist wants you to relax so that everything will run smoothly from start to finish so relax a bit before you enter the room.

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