6 Ways to Identify Escort Scams on the Internet

We’re all human, and we require some human connection from time to time. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever before to find an escort agency and choose an escort for a night. At the same time, however, the internet has made it easier to fall prey to a fake ad scam. Here are some ways to stay safe online and avoid escort scams.

1. Low Prices That Are Too Good to Be True

Good escorts Toronto are high class, and you should expect to pay a pretty penny to spend a night with one of them. If the escort ad you’re reading offers significantly lower rates than other agencies, you should take this as a warning sign.

2. They’re Looking for a Deposit

You should never pay a deposit online. This often goes hand in hand with the low-priced ad. They reel you in with the lower costs, then ask you to pay a small deposit because they’ve had so many cancellations and it isn’t fair to the escort making the bookings. If you pay a deposit upfront, however, expect to never see your money again or see an escort come date time. They are scamming you for the deposit and will disappear once you’ve paid.

3. They Ask for Credit Card Information

Once you reply to a scam post, they’ll likely ask you to verify your identity by following a link and entering your personal credit card information. They may say this is to verify your age or that the process is for the safety of the escort. You should take any request for credit card information or the verification of your identity as a warning sign. Most often, the poster is trying to steal your credit card information.

4. You Can Only Contact Them by Email

Most of the time, scammers will only allow you to contact them by email. This is, of course, because the escort doesn’t actually exist, and the photos are fake. There is so real agency, which is why there’s no phone number. This isn’t a good sign.

5. The Photos Are All Over the Internet

Scammers will use photos of beautiful men or women to entice you to click on the ad and contact them. If you performed a quick online search of the photo, however, you would see that the photo is used all over different websites in many different locations. This is a sure-fire sign you’re going to be scammed. Always check that the photos are real.

6. The Escort Doesn’t Look Anything Like the Photo

Other than internet scams that are all about getting your money, there are other types of escort scams you should be on the lookout for. Specifically, you may make a date with someone in a photo but end up on a date with someone who looks completely different.

To avoid this scam, ask the poster to send you a new photo holding up today’s newspaper or a unique item, so you know they’re real and they are who they say they are. Sometimes, less-beautiful girls use this scam to book dates, while other times, girls working together use this scam. The girl in the photo is busy, so they send a completely different girl. Asking for an original photo will give you a sense of security that the woman who comes to your door is who you’re expecting to go on a date with.

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